Campus Senate set up several decisions at the first meeting


Campus Senate approved several new businesses at its Jan 19 meeting.
• Recent change to UIS Faculty Personnel Policies about the nondiscrimination policy by adding on no discrimination towards order of protection status, genetic information, gender identity, and status as protected veteran.
• Procedure Review Committee review process might be needed once alleged procedural violations occurring during the reappointment or tenure process.
• Since the structure of The Learning Hub and Internship and Prior Learning have changed, several sentences from Workload Reporting and Guidelines have been moved.
• Robert Smith, Dean of College of Public Affairs and Administration, said a new Management Certificate in Public Procurement (MCPP) will be significant for students by providing professional training of public sector procurement. Smith indicated that the new MCPP will “attract students at a local, state, national, and global level”.
• James W. Ermatinger, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, provided a proposal establishing a Center for Lincoln Studies in which will offer educational opportunities to students, scholars, faculty, and the public to understand Abraham Lincoln’s life and contributions. Ermatinger pointed out that over one million dollars has been raised for the Center by UIS which “will replace $40,000 of the current $188,000 institutional allocations for faculty and student programs.”
The next campus Senate meeting takes place Feb 2.