Involvement Expo Kicks Off at Student Union


Photographs courtesy of Sachit Reddy

Maral, Girish and Zehra host of a table at the Involvement Expo

The spring involvement expo kicked off to welcome new and current students to UIS by showing off new and old clubs and organizations.
The involvement expo took place in the newly built Student Union on the second floor in the ballroom. Students looking to join new clubs or something fun to do around campus were able to go to the involvement expo to look for things to do to get involved. It also allowed the chance for students to learn about clubs or organizations that are less visible because of lack of popularity or seniority.
“Without it you wouldn’t know how to get involved any other way because a lot of things are hidden on campus,” said Mel Clark, inQUEERy student coordinator for the Gender and Sexuality Student Center.
Not only did new students attend the involvement expo, but also current students attended to try and learn more about the campus by getting involved with new clubs.
“Many students who are late in the game are like, you know what, I need to join an organization and put it on my resume. So you never know who’s going to walk in and look for that opportunity to experience,” Ann Comerford, executive director for student union stated. “I also think it’s really good for the student leaders to see each other again and reconnect. It’s just a good refresher for everybody.”
Many clubs from the fall involvement expo returned to the spring expo to brandish their pride and introduce students to what they stood for. Among the involvement expo were organizations not just to get students active in the UIS community but also to help students with financial help or to help give student resources and a voice in the community.