UIS Held International Student Welcome Party


Photographs courtesy of Camilla Luo

Student enjoying a meal at the Welcome Party


Hundreds of campus and community members gathered on Jan 19 for the International Student Welcome Party, which provided interactive games, music, and a variety of food tasting.
Erika Suzuki, Program Coordinator of International Student Service, said she was pleased that not only international students, but also domestic students participated, so that students can “meet someone new, and socialize with them”.
More than 60 new international students are enrolled at UIS this semester alone. The party was meant to get students together to build bonds between new and old students.
“New students need somebody to help, such as senior to help them get familiar with the campus and particular environment,” said Suzuki. “We don’t want our international students to feel isolated here.”
Raj Sinha, student worker at UIS, indicated that this was the best party he had ever had, due to the diversity and games.
“It is important for students to meet more people and have more interactions with people from different cultures,” he said.
The UIS International Student Welcome Party has been held by the International Student Services and International Student Association each semester for over five years. Before the Student Union was built, it was conducted in party room of Homer Butler Housing Commons (HCOM). Many students found it helpful and necessary, and it became a major celebration and moved to the Student Union this year.
Dan Zhu, a member of the International Student Association (ISA), said the event is fabulous, but it would be perfect if there were more performance.
“For international students who do not know the campus yet, they may assume that this campus is boring.” She said, “Events like this will let students fall in love with our campus.”