The State Universities Annuitants Association Holds First 2018 Meeting at UIS


Photographs courtesy of Mounika Bayavarapu

The SUAA table outside of PAC H

The State Universities Annuitants Association (SUAA) had its first meeting of 2018 on Jan. 15 in PAC H at noon and 3:30 pm.
In the meeting Executive Director Linda Brookhart, Kent Redfield, secretary and treasurer of the UIS Chapter of SUAA, and Barbara Hayler, president of the UIS Chapter of SUAA, spoke about the SUAA and what it stood for. The meeting was also used to address concerns and answer questions that current and potential members have about the organization. Tables were set up within PAC H to help members become more informed of their healthcare plans and also the plans that SUAA has set up.
“SUAA is an entirely a voluntary organization which is dedicated entirely to advocating, responding to the needs of our members, and working with our members to address their concerns,” says Halyer.
The SUAA is an association whose goal is to preserve the retirement and healthcare benefits. The SUAA is not just for those that are retired, but also current employees at UIS. SUAA has previously helped protect retirees and current employees by ensuring their rights are protected by defending their rights from attempted roll backs to benefits.
“We’re looking for a way for legislators to not go after the pension systems, the employees, and the retirees,” says Brookhart.
The membership costs about $41 a year or $3.42 a month. Members can also choose to donate an additional amount of money to help fund the organization in its fight to help protect its member’s rights. “You’re not being asked to join an upstart,” says Redfield. “This is a very viable organization that has built a real presence over the last three or six cycles in terms of Springfield.”
The next SUAA meeting is slated to take place on March 22 at PAC H from 12:30 pm to 2 pm, which will address more in-depth questions about the organization. Those that are considering joining can fill check the SUAA website at or visit their chapter in Springfield to join. For more information about SUAA you can contact UIS Chapter President Barbara Hayler at [email protected]