UIS Counseling Center Provides Constant Assistance for Alcohol Abuse


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“Alcohol abuse has become a large factor of accidents, injuries, vandalism, and crime on college campuses” says Valerie Gebhardt, a UIS Counselor and specialist of substance abuse.
Gebhardt has helped students troubled by alcohol abuse since 2005. She emphasized that excessive drinking could cause serious consequences such as alcohol poising, choking, and death.
“Drinking way too much may land you in hospital,” Gebhardt said. “We have students that need somebody staying up with them all night to make sure they don’t pass out.”
According to Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention on College Campus, most college students are able to avoid the unsafe use of alcohol, but they tend to engage in high-risk behaviors due to their peers. In this case, Gebhardt suggested students attend parties and talk to people with a cup filled with a non-alcoholic drink.
After helping many students, Gebhardt realized that vicious cycle happened when it came to frequent excessive drinking.
“Some students start drinking on Thursday all the way to Saturday night,” she said. “Sunday morning, they feel terrible. Monday, they still feel a little bad. Tuesday, they feel better. Wednesday, they feel great, and Thursday they start again.”
For students who are concerned about alcohol abuse, a self-guided and interactive web survey, named e-CHUG, is provided by the UIS counseling center, which allow students to know about their drinking patterns while receiving personal feedback about their use of alcohol.
If in need of any help, please visit UIS Counselling Center at HRB 64 or call (217) 206-7122.

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