Excel at the Career Connection Expo


On Tuesday, February 6, the Career Development Center held a panel to help prepare students for the Career Connections Expo.
The panel was made up of representatives of various local employers. These representatives included recruiters from Marucco, Stoddard, Ferenbach & Walsh (MSF&W), Walgreens, SIU School of Medicine, 4-H, and the Illinois Office of the Auditor General. Each offered their own insight on what employers will be looking for at next week’s Expo and what employers look for in potential candidates in general. The advice offered by each representative varied, with each explaining the priorities specific to the company they recruited for and the individual industries as a whole. They also highlighted the characteristics companies would look for in their employees and which part of the application process interested parties should focus on. For example, employers such as Walgreens, which would expect more person-to-person interaction, might prioritize the interview session and initial presentation over a person’s resume, whereas a more technical organization such as MSF&W would prioritize the resume because it is the quickest outline of a person’s technical skills.
Other recommendations were more unanimous. Prospective candidates should always bring enough resumes to distribute to potential employers, and the resumes should always be typed. Business casual is the recommended mode of dress for the expo and any other career fair: this means button-down shirts and neatly pressed khakis for men, and ties and a leather belt are recommended but not required. For women, tailored shirts or blouses with khakis, dress pants, or skirts are recommended.
“I encourage all students to come out to network with the employers and just build confidence and get comfortable dealing with prospective employers,” said one member of the Career Development Center.
The Career Connections Expo will be held in the Recreation and Athletics Center on Thursday, February 15, from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Multiple recruiters from all over the area will be there seeking candidates for jobs and internships.