Fun Rituals about Valentine’s Day around the world

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On Valentine’s Day, people celebrate conventionally by exchanging the colorful lovers’ cards and white flowers, which are called ‘snowdrops’, to their lovers and friends.
Another popular Danish Valentine’s Day tradition is sending ‘gaekkebrev’ to each other, which are love notes filled with funny rhythmic poems sent from a man to a woman.
The man sending the gaekkebrev signs it using dots rather than a signature, and if the girl who receives the card is able to guess the right name, she is rewarded with an Easter egg.


Commonly considered the most romantic country, people in France used to celebrate Valentines’ Day by not only exchanging elegant cards, but also by following a special tradition entitled “drawing for”, during which people impress their chosen partners by calling out to them from one window to another. The woman is left alone if she fails to enthrall her valentine.
A tradition used to exist during which a bonfire was lit for women to shout abuse and burn images of their ungrateful partners. The rituals were eventually banned by the French government due to filthiness and danger


Valentine’s Day in Japan is filled with charm and enthusiasm, as girls give “Giri Choco”, which are chocolates without any romantic association, to male friends, colleagues, or friends. Some girls also give homemade gifts with ‘Honmei Choco’.
Men have to reciprocate their feelings by presenting gifts to the women who gave them chocolate on March 14, also called “white day”, which is a day that signifies pure love.


Chinese Valentine’s Day, named Qixi, falls on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month each year. This day is dedicated to the romantic stories of a poor cowherd, called Niulang, and a daughter of heavenly King, named Zhinv.
When the Heavenly King noticed that his daughter was involved with a cowherd, he became enraged and forbade them to see each other until he, too, was affected by their love. Eventually, he allowed Zhinv and Niulang to meet once a year on QIxi.
Every Qixi, unmarried girls bring fruits to the temples in hopes of having a good husband while couples pray for happiness and prosperity.