UIS Career Expo gets students connected


Photographs courtesy of Prashant Bidhuri

UIS career Expo was held at TRAC on Feb.15


On Thursday, February 15, UIS hosted a Career Connections Expo in The Recreation and Athletic Center (TRAC). This event, which ran from 11:30-2:30, featured a number of booths where employers answered questions, looked for potential applicants, and accepted resumes from attendees.
Attendees were given name tags to wear into the expo. Tours were offered at 12:30 and 1:30 for individuals who signed up ahead of time in the Career Coaching Corner. There were individuals available to help interested attendees find the booths they were looking for, as well as teaching them how to approach employers and what questions to ask the employers to whom they intended to speak.
Many different types of organizations and companies were represented at the expo –with volunteer organizations, government-based jobs, seasonal workplaces, and year-round establishments all present. Police forces from Springfield to St. Louis had booths set up where police officers talked to interested students. Many branches of the military were also represented, including the Army and the National Guard.
Volunteer organizations present included Planned Parenthood and Habitat for Humanity – both of which often offer official positions as well as volunteer positions to those interested. There were opportunities to work with children, with representatives from summer camps and the local Boys and Girls Club also available to talk and answer questions asked by attendees.
Government organizations also had booths – from the FBI to the Illinois Board of Education. Overall, there were opportunities available for anyone looking for a job. There were volunteer positions and positions at local stores like Scheel’s for younger or less experiences attendees, but there were also positions being offered for better-qualified candidates, from accounting to government work. Students could look into getting apprenticeships and internships in addition to “standard” jobs. All-in-all, there were options for any prospective employee who decided to attend.
“I went in to look for internships, and I ended up with a few job offers,” said one attendee, excitedly. “I didn’t expect to get anything more than information about an internship.” Attendees saw success and had access to a variety of beneficial opportunities. Overall, whether individuals attended the event in the hopes of getting a few questions answered by employers or to submit resumes and work seriously on getting a job, they were met with an array of options and opportunities at the Career Connections Expo.