6th Annual Ebony Ball Brings Black History Month to a Close


Photographs courtesy of Savarnik Reddy Mareddy

Students dancing at the Ebony Ball

The Black Student Union (BSU) held its 6th annual Ebony Ball in the Student Union on Feb. 24 from 8PM to 12AM in honor of black history month. The Ebony Ball, which all students and staff members were welcomed to attend, hosted key speakers and presentations.
Attendees were welcomed to the Ebony Ball, which was hosted by Destiney Boyd, to participate in games and enjoy presentations hosted by BSU. The ball began 30 minutes late but hit off quickly. It began with an emotional poem by Sabrina Jones about the struggles of the black community and their history.
Vice President of Student Affairs Clarice Ford also presented at the Ebony Ball, giving a speech about how important activism is within the black community.
“Today you need to understand how important your education is and what your education can do for the world,” said Ford. “Just like how you saw those students in Parkland run up there and go to the White House and demand that they change those gun laws; What have you done?”
Ford’s speech recounted the struggles of the black community and the lost black history. She spoke of her struggles growing up and the new struggles that the younger generation has to face and what they need to do to make a difference in the world. “The question is, how are you sowing your seeds in the lives of others?”
“If we were to summarize everything she said into one word: Act, and act now,” summarizes Boyd. “We need to be activists.”
The Legacy dance team also presented at the ebony ball. The dance presented was to symbolize activism within the black community. Kimberly Nu-Tall also had her own performance slot in the ebony ball. In between each program of the event there were games that attendees could participate in. At the very end of the event the black excellence awards were awarded to students and organizations.
Afterwards attendees were allowed to eat and dance throughout the night. More awards and prizes were slowly given out as the ball came to a close, including black history month t-shirts that students can still pick up at the Diversity Center.