ASL Announces the Winners of the Art Show

The UIS Art Student League (ASL) presented the Welcome Show at the access gallery in the VPA from Feb. 12 to Feb. 23.
On Feb. 21 it held a reception from 4PM to 5:30 that announced the winners of the art show. Faculty were allowed to vote on which art piece they believed to be the winner of the welcome show and the announcement took place at 5PM.
“Whatever” by Rachel Lewis won as the winning piece of the show and was awarded an award certificate. “Revolving Door” by Amanda Zoschke and “Untitled” by Brandy Shaffer were awarded honorable mentions.
“I thought every one of them were interesting,” said art history professor Jonathan Perkins.
Students were allowed to submit their art from the past two years to art show up until Feb. 9 to be presented at the Welcome Show in the VPA. All kinds of works were able to be submitted to the art show ranging from ceramics to more mixed media. Some people who had submitted their works in previous years submitted their art again and were even told to at the behest of the faculty.
“We are very pleased to have such interested and diverse works of all different media on display here by our talented students,” said Perkins.
There were not many entries into the art show, however everyone had very unique works that were displayed at the show. Few people attended but some of the artists of the works displayed were present to talk about their art and what each work meant to them.
Some of the paintings were unexpected. In fact, “Whatever” was a by-product of another project that she had worked on in her class. The name “Whatever” was meant to reflect that. Other works submitted ranged from passion projects or previous projects for class.