Delta Sigma Theta Hosts a Party to Remember

Delta Sigma Theta Hosts a Party to Remember


On Saturday, April 7, the UIS chapter of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority hosted a party in the Student Life Building (SLB). The party took place from 9:13-1:13, with the first group of attendees getting free merchandise. 

Many other groups have held parties at the SLB this year, and in the school years prior, with most students coming in later in the night and staying until the end. The April 7 party, however, was somewhat unique in that posters and event invitations warned that free admissions would end at 11:00 PM. 

The Delta Sigma Theta party was the second party this year with a ‘closing’ time before its ending time, which seems to be an attempt to convince people to come in for the last few hours of the party and stay there. As a result of this time constraint, once the clock hit 11:00 PM, there was a significant increase in the number of people coming to the party, which meant that by 11:30 PM, the party was fairly busy.

Students were asked to swipe in and were given wristbands, which allowed them to leave and come back throughout the night. The gym was set up in a relatively standard way, with a divider down the middle and a DJ stand during the front, with lights at the front and the back of the room. The DJ for the night played primarily hip hop and pop, which is standard for SLB parties. The DJ transitioned from one song to another with enough variety to keep the crowd happy and dancing. 

Members of other fraternities and sororities also attended the event, taking the opportunity to do their well-known complete with whistles, chants, and Greek life hand gestures. 

Overall, SLB parties are always a good place for a bit of weekend fun at UIS. They are school-hosted, in part to prevent or deter more dangerous forms of partying. Parties hosted at SLB are relatively safe and are contained within the gym. Delta Sigma Theta’s SLB party over the weekend was no exception, as it offered a fun place to dance, sing, and yell in a room full of loud music and bright lights.