Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Annual Sigma BBQ


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Every year, there are certain annual events that many people are aware of and look forward to attending at the University of Illinois Springfield. At the end of each school year, many of the campus clubs and organizations host “End of the Year” events to celebrate the completion of another academic year on campus. These events allow students to relax during the hectic time leading up to finals and due dates for final papers. 

This year, the Mu Eta Chapter of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated held their annual BBQ at the Recreational Park on campus, near the townhouses and Residence Halls. The fraternity brothers grilled hotdogs and burgers for people at the park. They also provided chips, donuts, and drinks for the students at the BBQ, as well. There were people playing basketball, volleyball, tetherball, and dancing. The Legacy Dance team also provided some entertainment by performing a routine.

During this time of the year, many students lock themselves away in their room, the library, or any other building to study for their finals and type any final papers they have left. That being said, many students are not going outside, enjoying the weather, or spending as much time with their friends. It is important for people to be able to take a step back from studying every so often to move around and go outside to soak up some vitamin D in order to nourish your mind and body. The Phi Beta Sigma fraternity hosted a great event that encouraged students to take a break from finals preparation and enjoy the beautiful weather while getting your body moving.

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