Block Party Concludes Second Annual REC Palooza


Photographs courtesy of Giang Nguyen

This past Wednesday, Sept. 12 saw the second annual REC Palooza Block Party at REC Park.  Poor weather on the original date, Sept. 5, forced the event to be rescheduled, but this did not stop people from showing up at a rescheduled date. 

  The weather on the new date was perfect, with a nearly cloudless sky and temperatures that were very mild.  The block party consisted of six food trucks offering free fare, live music from the band Smashtag and many activities including mini golf, basketball, and volleyball.

   The block party is the closing of REC Palooza, an event that is held every year to showcase the programs that Campus Recreation provides to students.

   There were fitness assessments, lifting instruction, driving at the golf range, massages, half price smoothies, paddleboard yoga, boats on the pond, and many other activities for students to try for themselves. 

   Everything offered, other than the smoothies and paddleboard yoga, was free for students.

   Campus Recreation operates TRAC, The Recreation and Athletics Center, which is the center for most physical recreation activities on campus.  TRAC is a building with a three-court gym, multiple training rooms, squash courts and an indoor track. If a student wants to take advantage of anything Campus Recreation offers, this is the place to go.

    Most of the services TRAC provides are free because the costs are included in student fees. Campus Recreation also manages intramurals and club sports on campus. 

     It is a great resource to have for students and provides the campus with a way to remain healthy and active.