SGA Candidates Debate Campus Issues Prior to Election

With the future of the campus in their hands, the candidates for the student government association recently debated the pressing issues of UIS students at the Student Union. From campus cats to pools, the debate dredged up some of our pressing concerns for the campus. The true highlight of the debate was a call to arms delivered to the campaigning officials. The question that ultimately revealed the most about these candidates was this: How do you intend to increase the visibility of SGA on campus? Seeing the candidates’ offer their plans to open the forum and give students the means to change our campus brings a much-needed ray of hope.

   Although all candidates presented well thought out plans and opinions, the voters have chosen the following candidates:

  • Liberal Arts & Sciences Senator – Olamide Ogunbameru
  • Business & Management Senator – Jonathan O’Daniel
  • Transfer Student Senator – Selena Hailey Mein
  • Freshman Senator – Luigi Cabantog
  • Undergraduate Student Senator – Alex Kana
  • International Student Senator – Srinjoy Meta
  • Online Studen Senator – Nicole Watts
  • Campus Resident Senator – Jacob Rayl
  • Senator-at-Large – Luke D’Elia

   With the election settled, these students are now acting as the guiding voices of UIS student body. Students are encouraged to attend the weekly SGA meetings to voice your concerns and develop the campus according to our needs. If you would like to attend a weekly SGA meeting they are open to the public at the student leadership center of the UIS Student Union. The dates and times of these meetings can be found on the UIS connections page.

     If you are unable to attend an SGA meeting but wish to stay informed, the UIS website streams and archives every meeting. Remember, the strength of our voices and the changes on campus only matter if we act on them.