Community Summit on Evaluation Practice at University of Illinois Springfield

On Thursday, Oct 11, the College of Public Affairs and Administration (CPAA) and its Doctor of Public Administration (DPA) program of the University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS) will host a community summit on evaluation practice.

       This event will take place on campus from 8 AM until 5 PM at the recently inaugurated Student Union. The cost of attendance is $25, including breakfast and lunch, and it is free of charge for students. The event is a service to professionals in public and private sectors, nonprofit organizations, and the academic community as a whole.

      The central discussion will be “Fundamentals of Evaluation Practice: Assessment, Accountability, and Sustainability.” This workshop will allow participants to apply said fundamentals to their professional contexts.

    There will be seven session leaders to wit: Dr. Tamara Walser, Professor at the College of Education of the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, Dr. Michael Trevisan, Dean at the College of Education of Washington State University, Dr. Tracey Smith, Research Associate Professor at the School of Medicine of  Southern Illinois University, Ms. Paula Gramley, Community Benefit Program Manager at Memorial Health System, Dr. Dave Racine, Executive Director at the Center for State Policy & Leadership of UIS, Ms. Sarah Tapscott, Director of Statewide Partnerships at Forefront, and Ms. Katrina Hays, Director of Community Impact at United Way of Central Illinois.

     Please visit the following website for more information regarding the summit’s activities:

    Next year, UIS will celebrate its 50th anniversary, and the DPA program currently is celebrating its 20th anniversary. The DPA program is practitioner-oriented and has the mission of bridging the worlds of a scholar and practitioner. Along with CPAA and the DPA program, the summit is being sponsored by five organizations: United Way of Central Illinois, Innovate Springfield, Forefront, Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies, and the American Society for Public Administration.