UIS Closes Homecoming with Impromptu Party


Photographs courtesy of Giang Nguyen

Despite inclement weather canceling the homecoming music festival, the UIS Student Affairs Committee (SAC) was still able to deliver a party. The homecoming party, hosted in the Student Union ballroom, featured a fantastic spread of free food, live music from a local DJ, and various party games.

   The spread included a full nacho bar, 3 varieties of mocktails (strawberry daiquiris, mojitos, and hurricanes), cotton candy machine, root beer floats, and free popcorn. Despite the time shift, the food was well-made and provided a real draw for the event. As for entertainment, students were treated to a window-shaking performance by local DJ, Kaila Troy. She had a fantastic sense for the room and delivered a show that brought great energy to the event. Even though people could barely hear anyone talking, the music she played livened up what could have been a dull party. Finally, we have the games. Students were able to play bag toss, ladder golf and, surprisingly enough, water pong. For an impromptu change of plans, the event ran pretty smoothly and provided a great bonding experience for students who attended. With homecoming out of the way and midterms on the horizon, it was nice to have a chance to relax in a stress-free social space.

     At the end of the day, none of this would have been possible without the diligent work of SAC students. Even in the face of changing plans, these students took the initiative to give us a great event; be sure to thank a SAC student for all the effort they put into our social experiences at UIS. If you are interested in joining the Student Affairs Committee and working on events like these, you can attend a weekly SAC meeting for more information. These meetings are held every Sunday at 7 PM.