Prairie Stars on the Move: Alice Caceres and PERIOD

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Prairie Stars on the Move: Alice Caceres and PERIOD


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Alice Caceres is a junior psychology major with minor in both women and gender studies and history.  She is actively involved in many organizations on campus, and she is also president and mental health advocacy chair of the Psychology Club, vice president of the UIS National Society for Leadership and Success, and a CAP mentor.  She is also the president of PERIOD: The Menstrual Movement at University of Illinois at Springfield, more commonly known as Period Club. 

The purpose of this organization is twofold; the first goal of UIS Period Club is to raise awareness of menstrual health and educate both men and women on topics that relate to menstruation. Sex education is very common on campus, with free contraceptives and several events sponsored by the University of Illinois put on every year that focus on this form of education. However, there are no University-sponsored events that focus on menstruation, a process that approximately half the campus population experiences regularly. Future events that pertain to education on menstruation include discussions on proper and safe use of feminine products, such as tampons, pads, liners, and menstruation cups. 

The second goal of the Period Club is to raise money in an attempt to provide low cost or free feminine products to women in conditions where they may not be able to afford the products themselves. Two locations in the area that have received donations of feminine products are the Mercy Center and Contact Ministries.  These locations are short-staffed, and volunteer work is needed as well.  The members of the club are willing to fill that gap, as volunteering is another way in which they work to lower the burden of the cost of women’s health.   

UIS Period Club has a partnership with Ruby Cup, a company that donates two products to Africa for every one purchased. Although there is need for these products in the Springfield area, there is also need globally. Many women in Africa and other locations live without this care, and their health is severely harmed because of it. 

There are many planned events to raise money for these causes. Bake sales are coming in the near future where payment can either be in the form of money or donated feminine products. Very similar to a food drive, a menstrual drive will take place as well, replacing food with feminine products.  An interesting event that will be happening near the end of the semester is the Dessert Trolley. Similar to Dial-a-Dog, students will be able to place orders for desserts to be carted to their dorm or apartment.  All the proceeds of these events will be used to help women in need of feminine products, both in Springfield and around the world. 

Alice says the UIS Period Club is in existence to empower women through advocacy, education, community service, and to equate the importance of menstrual health with that of all other forms of health. The club continues to support all these causes for women everywhere. 

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