2019 Grammys

Every year there seems to be way too many awards shows.  The most recent of these was the 2019 Grammys, which judged music that was made in 2018.  Many people complain that the Grammys are simply a way to award a trophy to the highest bidder, and that it is nothing more than a way for rich narcissists to inflate their own egos.  There is some truth to this, but the Grammys are also a good way to learn about the current direction that most music genres are headed. 

What most people do not seem to realize about the Grammys is that there were eighty-four different categories.  The only ones that get televised are the most popular categories, such as rap, rock, pop, and the song and the record of the year.  Many people get confused about the difference between song and record of the year.  The record of the year award goes to the performer while the song of the year award goes to the songwriter. 

There are a lot of categories that have phenomenal music that tend to get overlooked.  Categories such as metal, traditional blues, orchestral instrumentation, and even gospel have their own individual awards.  There is a lot of talent in these categories that rivals the talent of the artists in the most popular categories.  However, because it is not televised, most people never get the chance to hear it.  There were a lot of awards decisions that I personally disagree with this year, but many of the nominations were incredibly to listen to in the lesser known categories. 

Anyone who is interested in what popular music is in their favorite genre should try to listen to some of the nominees from this year.  It is possible to discover a new love for an artist that is fairly obscure.  The awards themselves tend to seem awarded arbitrarily, but the nominees in each category are a great place for anyone who wants to try a new genre of music to start looking.