Prairie Stars on The Move: Teagan Ross


Photograph courtesy of Teagan Ross

One student making waves on campus lately is Teagan Ross, a sophomore Capital Scholars Honors student double-majoring in Elementary Education and Psychology. She is currently the Sweetheart for the UIS Kappa Beta Colony of Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE), a Kappa Delta Pi member, Lincoln Residence Hall resident assistant (RA), and a member of the Women’s Volleyball Club at UIS. On top of everything, Ross is in the process of earning her Child Advocacy Studies certification, also at UIS. She prides herself on giving back to the community whenever possible. According to her friends, Teagan is a kind, bubbly and lighthearted individual who can brighten up any room. She volunteers through the university’s Volunteer and Civic Engagement Center and goes out of her way to attend myriad school-sanctioned events. When she is off-campus and at home, she works as a nanny for three kids. 

When asked why it is important to make a difference at UIS, Teagan stated: 

“[H]aving a substantial presence and making a difference is what the UIS community is all about! It is imperative for every student to give back and leave the university knowing that they made it a little better than it was before they arrived. Through working as an RA and being the Sweetheart for Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE), I have been able to work closely with many departments on campus and a vast array of other students. Volunteering with DKE has allowed me to not only liven up the environment on campus but the Springfield community as well. Being an RA has given me the opportunity to help others grow and succeed as a part of their social support system, and it has given me the chance to make connections and strengthen the bonds I have with my peers. By creating these sustained relationships, the community at UIS gets stronger, and that is why it is so important to put yourself out there.” 

 Teagan hopes to become a second or third grade teacher, with serious consideration for special education. She loves working with children and cannot wait to keep learning and improving herself to better help them in the future.  

As is evident by her work on campus, Teagan Ross is the epitome of kindness and giving back to the community while also attending to education and self-improvement – to help oneself is to help others and the two are deeply intertwined.