Possible Creative Renaissance Incoming?


Photographs courtesy of thenextweb.com

Thumb-twiddling has reached a peak as people endure what seems to be never-ending boredom with a mixture of all other emotions. While people are observing many alterations of reality, having the urge to divert attention elsewhere to keep a sense of optimism is normal. Surely people have found countless ways to entertain themselves, whether that be sleeping for 16 hours straight or binge-watching every series in Netflix’s catalog – seeing as there is not much else to do. Other people, in contrast, have found that self-isolation has brought out their means of creativity. 

With an increasingly higher amount of time to spare, the means of creativity could be translated as starting individual creative projects or even simply appreciating others in the midst of it all. The boost in imaginative expression, along with the rise in encouragement for those to explore their craft, have both opened up a much wider conversation of whether or not this period could introduce a fresh and innovative creative renaissance. 

It should go without saying that a creative renaissance is not an everyday occurrence. In the event that culture slightly shifts, pushing people to tap into their creativity, we will be exposed to many imaginative notions in many different forms and mediums. This is, however, assuming that people who wouldn’t normally indulge in their creative hobbies and interests would now take them up. In isolation, some may realize a deeper sense of abstract creativity that they intend on making concrete. Others may just want to take on activities that would keep their mind occupied. The push from online commentators could also play a huge role, as they continue to encourage many people to exercise their creative side. Factors such as the ones described will only further rejuvenate the creative flow of ideas, with the possibility of eventually branching into something bigger.