Prices Go Up, Money Goes Down

The price of living is getting more and more expensive, but no one needed to hear it from me. It is becoming more difficult to sustain oneself, let alone with a job that barely even pays minimum wage. To say “barely” would even be a joke. However, state laws have been attempting to give people a more livable wage by raising minimum wage to something more… well…livable! This is awesome for people that cannot begin a career because they were put in a position where it was impossible for them to get a degree or simply because getting a job was so hard to do.

            However, the minimum wage problem seems to only put a Band-Aid on bigger problems, such as the fact that many people that go to college and graduate but still cannot get into their desired career. Additionally, the prices for meager things like food seem to increase each time you blink. Though inflation may be at fault, it does pose a problem for the minimum wage, which should be a livable wage.

            Even worse, though, is the COVID-19 crisis and instances of food becoming even more expensive and jobs becoming a thing of the past. I, for one, have applied to every job both minimum wage and career oriented on the planet, and the number of callbacks I have gotten are countable on one hand. Things are worse for those who have a disability and cannot stand for eight or more hours a day, making it even harder for them to get a job. Currently, there is a widespread food shortage that, although people might not see, is definitely something that is happening and affecting many people right now. The cost of living is only going to go up from here, and perhaps become even steeper than it once was.

            Places in the EU have tested out basic income and have shown positive results, but what does this mean for America? Perhaps it might mean that the United States will eventually have a universal basic income or maybe help businesses more. But that remains to be seen since, currently, the COVID-19 crisis does not seem to be getting any better. On top of that, the government does not seem to be trying to help out with the situation.