Prairie Stars on The Move: Boyd Family


Photographs courtesy of Aaron Gregory Boyd

The three members of the Boyd family at UIS are some of the most involved students on campus. Arianna, Aaron and Anthony are all members and participants of many different campus organizations. Some of these they do together, while others they do on their own. They all leave their individual mark on the lives of those with which they interact.

Arianna, the youngest of the Boyd family, is a sophomore pre-med biology student who aims to become an ophthalmologist. She is an RA in the Lincoln Residence Hall and uses that position as an opportunity to help students in ways that other people cannot. She says that being a similar age as her residents gives her a unique perspective and grants her a level of trust that these residents may not be able to experience with other people. She is also a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. She signed up to be a Delta because she wants to be able to provide mentorship to young women that she herself was granted by the women who came before her.

Aaron G. Boyd is the middle Boyd sibling at UIS. He is a junior criminal justice major as well as a sociology and anthropology double-minor who aims to become a police officer. Aaron is a member of the Black Male Collegiate Society, a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, Inc. and a Necessary Steps mentor. He was the Vice President of the Black Male Collegiate Society for a year before stepping down to allow younger students to take leadership positions. He still promotes academic and professional development of other members of the organization. He is now president of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, Inc. and uses the fraternity to promote events that promote campus engagement and unity. (Full disclosure: Aaron is also layout and graphic design editor for The Journal.)

Anthony is the oldest Boyd at UIS. His siblings followed him to UIS because they fell in love with the campus when visiting him. However, Anthony first came to UIS due to affordable tuition great interactions with the faculty, and the entirety of the campus.

He is now a graduate student in public administration and aims to work in student affairs or become a firefighter. Anthony is active in the BMCS, Alpha Phi Alpha, Necessary Steps, and is the Greek Life graduate assistant.

In his position, he does much of the intake paperwork and plans events such as the Greek Life Showcase. This Showcase is a chance for fraternities and sororities to stroll, step, chant and show off their prides and talents. While an undergrad, he was treasurer, vice president and vice president of social engagement of the BMCS. He is now an advisor for that organization and uses it to focus on issues facing black men such as toxic masculinity and diversity.

All the members of the Boyd family say they owe a lot to their mother and work hard for her because she worked hard for them. The three Boyd students at UIS are fulfilling their promise to work hard and few are more involved than they are. The three siblings have succeeded at their shared goal of working hard and helping make the campus a better place for everyone.