Prairie Stars on the Move: Alex Phelps

Prairie Stars on the Move: Alex Phelps

The University of Illinois Springfield offers a wide range of student activities, ranging from cultural and religious groups to different academic programs and athletic teams.  Few students are involved in as wide of a variety of groups as Alex Phelps. 

Alex Phelps, a senior Political Science and Global Studies major, is a member of the Christian Student Fellowship, the University Bible Fellowship, the UIS Jew Crew, the Organization of Latin American Students, and the UIS NCAA Cross Country team. He has served in leadership roles in many of these organizations either currently or in the past several years and continues his involvement on campus. 

Alex Phelps joined the Christian Student Fellowship and the University Bible Fellowship years ago because he wanted to find a group of like-minded Christians to interact and serve with.  Through these organizations, he has had the opportunity to travel, learn, and serve in places such as Haiti and bible conferences. On top of this, he is currently a student leader with the University Bible Fellowship.  He leads bible studies and acts as a liaison between UBF and other campus organizations.  Through these organizations, he has developed many strong bonds that feel like family to him. 

Despite not being Jewish, he is also one of the founding members of the UIS Jew Crew, a campus organization dedicated to serving the UIS Jewish population while educating the rest of the campus population about Jewish culture, practices, and history. He states that he feels it is important to learn from Jewish culture because much of the early history and practices of Christianity are based in Judaism, and it is necessary to learn about all cultures in order to better oneself.  

Not only involved in religious organizations, Alex Phelps is also a member of the Organization of Latin American Students.  He went with five other students to one of the immigration detention centers in Dilley Texas to volunteer as a translator.  Being fluent in Spanish, he was able to translate for detained immigrants and prepare them for the interviews that are a part of the asylum application process.  He sees OLAS as an organization that is growing rapidly and is proud to be a part of this organization that serves the University’s Latin American population. 

UIS first had a Cross Country team in the fall of 2015, and Alex was signed on as a runner the next year.  Since then, he has been chosen to be the current captain of the team.  He serves as a facilitator between the coach and the rest of the team with communications and states that there are many people who have the ability to lead on the team.  According to him, the team is expected to maintain an incredibly hard work ethic, but they also support one another through their trials at college. 

As a senior, Alex is expecting to graduate in the Spring of 2020.  He is in the process of applying to teach English in Colombia and Ukraine.  Beyond that, he has an interest in entering law with a focus on immigration reform for the Lutheran Volunteer Corps. 

Few people are as involved in as wide of a range of activities as Alex Phelps.  He has taken full advantage of the variety of organizations on campus and has succeeded in all of them.  When he thinks back on his previous three years at UIS, he says “Success has always been about the relationships and experiences we make.  I am thankful for the people in my life, my coach, my teammates, my parents, and many more for making it possible.  I’ll always remember and be grateful for my time at UIS.