Venom: A Darker Marvel Film



Marvel’s newest film release is Venom, the story of an alien that lives in a human’s body and occasionally takes control of it. Eddie Brook is an investigative journalist who loses his job and becomes the host for a symbiotic life form while breaking into the facility that lost him his job. This life form can communicate with him and sometimes takes control of his body, turning him into the title character of “Venom”. 

This film is darker than most Marvel films, with people often being killed on screen and many victims having their heads eaten by Venom. Every character in the film depicts this except the leads, Eddie and Venom. The film does not seem to know if it wants to be dark or humorous, with an incredibly dark plot filled with nonstop jokes and quips from the Eddie/Venom combo. The humor works well in places, but does not seem to compliment the tone of the movie. 

Just like any Marvel movie, there is a heavy reliance on computer-generated effects, and most of the action sequences were created by people working behind a computer and not in front of a camera. This is not necessarily a bad thing. When CGI is done well, it does not detract from the film. The CGI in Venom is done well enough that it is always believable. Much of the dialogue is cheesy, as can be expected in a Marvel movie. Some lines feel lazy, with lines such as “you’re powerful, but I’m more powerful” exemplifying this. As far as plot is concerned, the film follows an arc that has become common in superhero movies by this point.  

Venom is quite entertaining, and deserves better than the 29% it is currently at on Rotten Tomatoes. The pacing is fast enough for a superhero movie, but not too fast to lose track of what is going on. Due to its darker tone, Venom can portray death much more openly than many other Marvel films and shows innocent civilians being killed multiple times. With a runtime of one hour and forty-two minutes, it does not feel like it drags or is rushed. It is also always heartwarming to see the Stan Lee cameo that Marvel fans have come to expect in every Marvel film. 

Although Venom follows a formula similar to many of the recent Marvel films, it is an entertaining movie. The reason Marvel movies tend to follow a similar plot arc is because that plot arc works well. The darker tone of the movie allows for some interesting deviancies from a standard superhero movie, and fans of Marvel will not be disappointed in Venom.