Sawbones Makes Pseudo-Science Fun

Black Presented by Dr. Sydnee McElroy and her husband Justin McElroy, the podcast Sawbones is a hilarious and informative weekly trip through the cringey medical “sciences” of yesteryear. From gruesome surgeries like trepanation, to methods once used to handle disease outbreaks, listeners can expect equal amounts of history, scientific explanation and outright laughs. Just don’t enter expecting any serious medical advice (save that for the Internet).

A lot of the appeal of this podcast is a result of its accessibility. No matter what topic the McElroys are covering, they manage to stay relatively free of complex medical jargon that can be difficult for listeners to engage with. The result is a seamless presentation that really speaks to the professional knowledge the hosts bring into the show. No matter what episode you drop into, you can expect to have a solid grasp of the presented topics at hand.

Like any good informative podcast, Sawbonesallows listeners streaming access to almost any episode in its multiyear backlog. With that being said, keep in mind that some of the show’s earlier episodes have varying degrees of quality. This really isn’t an issue of production value as Justin’s experience as a long-time podcaster does shine through -it is more about finding stride with presentation. Setting an initial tone isn’t always easy. The show’s dialogue has vastly improved over time and keeps a strong balance between humor and fact.

I highly recommend this podcast for anyone looking for an easy, clean, casual listening experience that has a consistent weekly update schedule. It can be found through most podcast distributors (Spotify, iTunes, et cetera) and on the podcasting site Maximum Fun. If podcasts are not your thing, the show has recently released a book called The Sawbones Book: The Hilarious Horrifying Road to Modern Medicine.