Knowhere News


Founded in 2018, journalism start-up Knowhere News is attempting to remove bias from the news we read by removing some of the human component. Rather than relying on staff writers to research and pen articles, Knowhere employs an advanced AI. This may sound like something out of a sci-fi novel, but the company is open about its process.

As stories trend on the internet, the Knowhere AI starts analyzing sources reporting on this topic. Each one is analyzed for patterns of bias in language, its argument and the context being reported. With that done, the AI then drafts a series of articles that cover three different perspectives. Political topics will usually receive an article from the liberal, conservative and centrist perspective, while pieces on technology may include lists of pros and cons.

After the initial write-up is complete, human editors check the story for any accidental biases and grammar before the final release.

It is an interesting idea, but I was initially skeptical about the content. After reading a few of the websites front page stories, I found myself pleasantly surprised. While the articles I read came across as dry and uninspired, they did avoid using loaded language and provided links to every source they used.

This transparency did lend a nice air of legitimacy that has been missing in recent news. I was also surprised by one of the site’s hidden features. The differing perspectives the site offered included headlines that called attention to how subtle alterations in diction can impact how a story is viewed. I appreciated this extra information because of its attempt to educate readers on the subtle ways bias can distort fact.

In the end, I found Knowhere News to be a step in the right direction when it comes to reporting, but I am not sure if it is the future. While we do hold AI to higher standards, we can not forget that it is still limited by the implicit bias of its programmers. I recommend looking at the sources each story cites rather than going completely at face value.