COVID-19 Vaccine Info


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After the seemingly-endless frustration and difficulties in navigating Zoom and online studies, finally there is a glimpse of hope for UIS students that a new normal could come sooner than people originally thought. With plans to make the COVID-19 vaccine more widely available to American citizens and universities nationwide, the reality is that the UIS campus will receive more access to the vaccine as well. This may allow a lot of students to return to campus and finally receive the authentic college experience. Even with the newfound opportunities, some concerns seem to be preventing people from jumping at the chance to take the vaccine. Some of the largest concerns held towards the idea of getting the vaccine are related to a lack of understanding of the vaccine itself. It is understandable why people could be concerned about this when it seems like so little information is accessible about this particular vaccine. What is actually in the vaccine? What is it made of? Why would anyone want to have the very thing they are trying to get rid of?

To provide some clarity, the vaccination process, as well as the vaccine itself, will be broken down and looked at in closer detail in the hopes that the information will be more widespread on behalf of campus students. Detailed by, COVID-19 vaccine Pfizer-BioNTech consists of 0.9% sodium chloride diluent, which is a normal, preservative-free saline solution. The vaccine is mixed with 0.3 mL of this diluent for each dosage, with up to six doses per vial. The way this vaccine is designed, it is a two-dose series vaccine with 21 days between the two doses. It is administered via intramuscular injection in the deltoid muscle – by a shot in the side of the shoulder. This shot is only provided to those who are aged sixteen years or older. Since there is a large population of individuals that cannot get it due to age, it is crucial that those who can get the vaccine do get it. There is more information that can be found here. It is strongly recommended that everyone seeks as much information as they can to defend against any misconceptions about the COVID-19 vaccines or related treatment.

            This is a very important milestone for the university itself, as it means that students can finally look forward to experiencing the new norm that has been long-awaited. Through the difficulties of maintaining online class methods, there is finally a chance for things to start getting better. Now, equipped with even more knowledge than ever, everyone can walk into this new reality with the comfort of knowing what to expect.