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Hurricane Beryl Devastates Texas and Louisiana, 8 Dead and 2 Million Homes Without Power

Credits: NASA

L’Hurricane Beryl, As expected, it arrived on the south-east coast of the Texas on the day of Monday 8th July morning – US time. Over the weekend, Beryl had hit the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, but was downgraded to a tropical storm, which was still violent but less catastrophic.
The Texas coast was not so lucky. In fact, Beryl has regained power passing over the Gulf of Mexico, crashing onto the coast just south of Houston with the force of a Category 1 hurricane in the Saffir-Simpson scale, also bringing with it about ten victims and leaving 2 million homes without electricity.

Beryl’s Journey

L’record breaking hurricane It arrived as expected on Texas coast. After reaching Category 5 on the night between July 1st and 2nd – devastating some islands of the South Caribbean – had arrived to hit Jamaica the following day. The confirmed death toll had been around ten, but the numbers unfortunately rose when Beryl landed.

After breaking over the islands, Beryl lost intensity on Wednesday and Thursday, eventually hitting the Yucatan Peninsula on Friday, July 5, before being downgraded to a tropical storm. The Mexican peninsula suffered structural damage, but no confirmed casualties.

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Credits: NOAA

As expected, however, once it left the Mexican coast, Beryl began to strengthen again, passing over the warm waters of the Gulf of MexicoUpon impact with the Texas coast, Beryl was classified as Category 1 hurricanewith winds greater than 120 km/h capable of seriously damaging homes and people.

Hurricane Damage in Texas

Beryl touched the land in the morning of Monday 8th Julybringing strong winds and torrential rains just south of Houston. The structural consequences have been devastating, with flooded streets and more than 2 million homes leave without electricity. Due to the collapse of several houses and trees, at the moment the confirmed victims they are hovering around the 8 peoplebut the number could unfortunately increase.

Already on Monday, Beryl has lost intensity coming to be categorized as tropical depressiona phenomenon less intense than hurricanes and tropical storms, but still characterized by heavy rain and winds around 50-60 km/h. Despite its decline in violence, the National Hurricane Center warned of “deadly risks such as downed power lines and subsidence carbon monoxide due to improper use of generators“. Heavy rains are also expected to continue, potentially causing flash flooding in Louisiana, where it is currently moving.

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Credits: NOAA, NHC

There trajectory forecast for the next few days indicates the passage of Tropical Depression Beryl above Arkansas, Illinois, Indianathen to turn off definitely to border with Canada around the day of Thursday 11th.

More information about the trajectory and possible scenarios can be found on the website of the National Hurricane Center.