"Libre", the release date on Prime Video of the new film by Mélanie Lauren has been revealed

“Libre”, the release date on Prime Video of the new film by Mélanie Lauren has been revealed

After Le Bal des Folles – Il ballo delle pazze, a new film directed by French director, actress and singer Mélanie Laurent is coming to Prime Video: the new film is titled Libre, and below you will find previews of the plot, cast and release date on Prime.

The cast of Libre

The new film directed by Mélanie Laurent has a cast formed by Lucas Bravo (Emily in Paris), Léa Luce Busato (Alex Hugo) and Yvan Attal (Immortal Ad Vitam). The film also stars Rasha Vukvic (Breathe), Steve Tientcheu (Aka), David Murgia (The Night of the 12th), Léo Chalié (Reign Supreme) and Slimane Dazi (Ourika). Written by Mélanie Laurent and Chris Deslandes (The Dance of the Madmen), Libre is produced by Alain Goldman.

What is Libre about?

Inspired by the daring exploits of a legendary outlaw in France in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Libre follows the gripping story of Bruno Sulak (Lucas Bravo), a gentle and daring criminal who has stolen not only riches but also hearts. Known for his charm and elegance, Sulak has pulled off daring heists without firing a shot. However, as his fame grows, so does the relentless pursuit of George Moréas (Yvan Attal), a tenacious police commissioner with a talent for outsmarting criminals. As Moréas closes in, Sulak’s escapes from prison become legendary, fueled by a thirst for freedom and a burning desire for his lover Annie (Léa Luce Busato). In the chaos of their crime spree, Sulak and Annie become the ultimate symbols of rebellion in the most exciting game of cat and mouse to grip the nation.

The release date of the movie

Libre will be available exclusively on Prime Video worldwide on Friday, November 1st.