Most Anticipated Netflix Series of August 2024

Most Anticipated Netflix Series of August 2024

What are the most anticipated Netflix series of August 2024? We are still at the beginning of July but, like every month, we like to play ahead by already casting an eye on the new releases of the next month3. August 2024 will be a month full of new releases and free returns. The heat, the holidays, the sea will not stop Netflix from offering its audience many new compelling, moving, romantic, fantasy stories. If you are curious to find out what awaits us next month on the most popular streaming platform, here are the most anticipated series of August 2024 on Netflix.

The Best Netflix Series of 2024, So Far

How They Kill Good Girls (August 1)

One of the big new Netflix releases next month is a thriller series starring Emma Myers (Wednesday) The Good Girls Kill, based on the popular New York Times bestseller by Holly Jackson. Five years ago, college student Andie Bell was murdered by her boyfriend Sal Singh. Case closed. The police know he did it. Everyone in town knows he did it. But smart, resolute Pip Fitz-Amobi isn’t so sure, and she’s determined to prove it. And if Sal Singh isn’t a murderer and the real killer is still on the loose, how far will she go to stop Pip from uncovering the truth?

How They Kill Good Girls: Plot, Cast, Trailer

The Umbrella Academy 4 (August 8)

The final season of one of the most beloved fantasy series by the public is coming to Netflix in August: The Umbrella Academy, the superhero series starring Elliot Page based on the comics created and written by Gerard Way, illustrated by Gabriel Bá and published by Dark Horse Comics. What will happen in the final chapter of this title? The Hargreeves brothers have been separated after the epic battle at Hotel Oblivion resets their timeline. Stripped of their powers, they must now fend for themselves and start a new life with very different results. However, the peculiarities of their new disturbing world prove too difficult to ignore for long. Their father Reginald, alive and well, has stepped out of the shadows and is now in full view of everyone who runs a powerful and nefarious empire. A mysterious association known as The Guardians holds clandestine meetings believing that the reality they all live in is a lie and that a reckoning is imminent. As these strange new forces conspire, the members of the Umbrella Academy must reunite one last time, risking the fragile peace they have worked so hard to secure, to settle the situation once and for all.

The Umbrella Academy 4: plot and release date

Emily in Paris 4 (August 15)

And then Lily Collins returns to one of Netflix’s most popular romantic series: Emily in Paris. The fourth installment of the rom-com series about an American in Paris is coming, almost two years after the third season finale, and there will be a lot of new things to come. Emily is reeling from the shocking events of Camille and Gabriel’s disastrous wedding: the young woman has strong feelings for two men, but now Gabriel’s ex is pregnant and Alfie’s worst fears about her and the chef have been confirmed. At work, Sylvie finds herself having to resolve a thorny dilemma from the past for the sake of her marriage, and the team at Agence Grateau must deal with personnel changes. Mindy and the band prepare for Eurovision, but when the money runs out, they must find ways to save. Emily and Gabriel’s connection is undeniable as they work together to reach the Michelin star goal, but two big secrets threaten to shatter all their dreams.

Emily in Paris 4: plot, trailer, release date

Breathe (August 30)

And finally, a new Spanish medical drama starring Manu Rios will debut on Netflix in August 2024. It is called Breathe and tells the story of doctors, nurses and interns in the public hospital of Valencia. The Joaquín Sorolla of Valencia is much more than a public hospital where human lives are saved every day. Doctors and interns work tirelessly at the frenetic pace of the emergency room, where tension, emotions and even desire make the hearts of the staff beat, who increasingly live on the edge of a razor. The arrival of an illustrious patient puts the spotlight on the complicated situation of the public health system, lighting the fuse of what will become a drastic and unprecedented strike.

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