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New Vendor Task force and parking, topics for SGA


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Student Government Association created group, the New Vendors Task Force,  proposed that in the new student union building that there be a “Pub style restaurant” that be run by UIS food service employees.

Instead of implementing an idea for a franchise to work out of UIS this pub would carry name brand food items; such as T.G.I. Fridays hot wings and potato skins like the Grab N’ Go. It would, though, carry a variety of name brand food item.

Their representatives were Caitlyn Clause, a senior accountancy major, and Van Vieregge, Executive director of Auxiliary Services. Before they proposed this idea, it was proposed that there be a Chick-fil-A. That idea was not pursued due to the controversy with the LGBTQA and community. Some felt the company was anti-gay and those ideals conflict with UIS.

For obvious reasons, it would be a costly expense to house a franchise and be able to keep up with the cost. This new idea offers students more variety and relieves them of worries of how to sustain a franchise over the summer. This new pub would also be able to “change and adapt based on students wants and needs.”

“Those are readily available to be purchased by our current vendors,” said Clause.

In other business, SOFA is moving to clear up by laws because some of them allow student organizations to take advantage of them. The SGA did not look over these new revisions to the bylaws because they were not in to the executive board on time. President Bouray did mention, however, that they will be able to examine the revision in the next executive board meeting.

Issues about parking that were brought up in the 99 problems campaign were also topics for discussion. What is considered visitor parking was cleared up, and visitors are able to use spaces up to three days before they receive a ticket.  Administrative reports and Parking Operations announced  that if they need be they were more than welcome “to come in and stop by and share with me why they need a longer stay than three nights.”

Dual citations that are given out for a violation were discussed as well. The logic behind dual citation is that regardless of which law you may be breaking you are, indeed, violating some law. If two tickets are given out at the same time then it saves the trouble of the guess and check citations. If only one of the violations is applicable, then the offender can go through a process of appeals and will not have to worry about paying the other ticket.

“Typically if they are parked and there are no hang tags at all and we see that, we’re either assuming that they are a guest or they are a resident who hasn’t yet purchased their hang tag,” according to campus police.  Even though it may be a pain to residents/visitors, it is a way to be thorough and catch all of the violators.

In final news, there is a survey, which was made available for students on Monday, about the potential mascot name change. It will be available for two weeks. So if you have any suggestions or want to share your opinion, make sure to fill out the survey in your email.

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Award winning, student run, weekly campus newspaper of the University of Illinois, Springfield..
New Vendor Task force and parking, topics for SGA