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Klingshirn installed as director of Capital Scholars Honors Program


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IKlingshirnf you’re a chemistry student in the Capital Scholars Honors program, chances are you already know Marc Klingshirn. What you may not know, though, is he’s added another title to his resumé – director.

Klingshirn, an associate professor of chemistry, was recently named director of the CAP program pending Board of Trustees approval. Klingshirn has been with the university as a professor of chemistry since fall 2006 and a professor with the honors program since spring 2007. He said he’s always been impressed with the work CAP students complete.

“Our core curriculum with an interdisciplinary nature is really unique,” he said. “It benefits our students to have that type of curriculum, because it challenges them to think in different ways which is important given today’s societal problems and challenges. Nothing is one-dimensional.”

Klingshirn, an Ohio native, has extensive experience in his discipline. He received his bachelor’s degree from Ashland University. Klingshirn says that UIS reminds him a lot of his alma mater. “That was one thing that attracted me to UIS: the fact that I felt at home,” Klingshirn said. “I had some really great experiences with my professors. I got to know them and that was what I found here. Students get to know their professors and we get to know the students not only in the classroom but outside of the classroom as well.” According to Klingshirn, he loves interaction with students.

After completing his bachelor’s degree, Klingshirn went on to the University of Tennessee – Knoxville and graduated with his master’s degree in Chemistry. He later went to the University of Alabama for his doctorate in chemistry. Following his doctorate degree, Klingshirn completed post doctorate teaching at St. Olaf College in Minn. He arrived at UIS after a year and a half at his teaching post.

In his new role as director, Klingshirn says he’s looking forward to meeting new students and those currently enrolled in the program. He hopes to garner their ideas on how to move the CAP program forward. “I’d like to see the students have a little more say, a little more power within the program, and really highlight their strengths: let their creative ideas come to the surface.”

He added that an area he hopes to tackle is recruitment. “We want the best students we can get for the program. We want to help bring students not only to the program, but to the campus in general.” Students aren’t the only people Klingshirn is looking to recruit into the honors program. “Additionally, we have great faculty that teach for the program,” he said. “We need to keep them and try to reach out to the campus and incorporate faculty who may not have had experience with the program and give them the opportunity to work with our students.”

Klingshirn added that he hopes to be a valuable resource to the campus in his new administrative role.

“I hope people – students, staff, faculty – would be willing to approach me about questions, for information on the program, and to explore opportunities that may be present for them,” he said.

Klingshirn has signed on as director under a three-year term. Following the end of his appointment, Klingshirn says he will have a chance to extend his appointment for another term.

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Award winning, student run, weekly campus newspaper of the University of Illinois, Springfield..
Klingshirn installed as director of Capital Scholars Honors Program