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SGA representatives share hopes and highlights for future


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The Student Government Association preamble states that SGA was established as the “representative body for the students.” Current SGA members Jamaal Hollins, Aaron Mulvey and Samia Ahmad recently spoke on their experiences with SGA and shared words of wisdom for the future leaders of SGA in hopes they are prepared to adequately serve as the voice of the students.

Student Trustee Hollins said, “I have truly been honored to have been the Student Trustee for the past year… [It] has allowed me to better understand the University of Illinois from a more holistic perspective.” He added that his position with SGA gave him the opportunity to make decisions regarding the student union – what he calls “the highlight” of his experience.

He explained that working with the Board of Trustees has been a rewarding experience and that “it is a great feeling knowing that moving forward, UIS has the full support of the [Board of Trustees] and university administration to proceed with the project.”

Hollins said that the role of student trustee can be overwhelming. However, he assured, “It is okay not to know topics that are discussed. The [Board of Trustees], administration officials, and office staff are more than willing to assist in any way they can.”

Current President Aaron Mulvey said the future SGA president “should definitely expect a lot of responsibility to be put on their shoulders, but in the end, it is such a rewarding experience by stepping into this big leadership role for UIS.”

Current Secretary Samia Ahmad explained that just like any other organization, being a part of the SGA takes “commitment and organization.” She added that students will expect action and things getting done on campus.

Her most rewarding experience has been sitting on committees and offering a student perspective and voice. She believes this “opens different views and a better understanding of what students have gone through.”

To those coming into the SGA, Ahmad said elected students can “gain the understanding of teamwork, speaking on the behalf of their constituents, and the understanding of the departments on campus.”

Students are encouraged to run for SGA positions if they desire their voice to be heard. And if students don’t choose to run, know the issues, know the candidates, and make an informed decision on voting day.

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Award winning, student run, weekly campus newspaper of the University of Illinois, Springfield..
SGA representatives share hopes and highlights for future