SECA hots annual bake sale with a bacon twists


Bacon was the order of the day at the annual bake sale sponsored by the State and University Employees Combined Appeal (SECA). The organization sold bacon themed items all day for the benefit of the 12 member charities.

SECA is a statewide organization dedicated to raising money for charity. Each year on campus, the group runs a campaign in an attempt to raise money for 12 different charities, including the Special Olympics and the American Cancer Society. The bake sale is one of their largest events.

The event, which began on the morning of Oct. 28, had sold out of most of the bacon items by the afternoon. Bev Waddle, who was working at the event, said, “The turnout has been great.”  In addition to selling bacon foods, the group also held a raffle for anyone who purchased an item. Student and employee buyers were allowed to fill out a ticket and enter the drawing after receiving their food. Local businesses donated the prizes to the raffle, which consisted of four passes to Knights Action Park, as well as gift cards to Meijer, Chesapeake Seafood, The Old Lux and Steak ‘n Shake.

Chancellor Susan Koch stated, “Despite the many demands on our paychecks, the UIS campus has always been generous in supporting the needs of those less fortunate. Last year, more than 240 employees participated in the SECA campaign and we raised a total of $35,178.50! This year, we’re committed to making the campaign an even bigger success and I’m hoping you will help.”

According to Cristal Thomas, the Deputy Governor of Illinois and 2014 honorary chair of SECA, “Over the past thirty years, state employees have used this campaign to generously donate over $67 million to charities and non-profits across our state.” The organization is dedicated to collecting donations from state employees and students of universities. The SECA website states “SECA provides all employees the opportunity to donate to the charitable causes of their choice to enhance the quality of live overall.”

Since mostly state employees use the campaign, SECA allows payroll deduction as a form of donation. This results in a much easier and more convenient donation method, as well as higher donation totals. SECA points out on their website that payroll deduction is proven to increase the overall totals by four to five times what it would be without it.

The organization has suggested giving guidelines, which range from $60 a year to $1,200 per year. Employees are encouraged to give what they can, and are provided with great reasons to do so by SECA. A letter from the SECA advisory board proclaims, “As one united State, we can truly make a difference and show the great people of Illinois what an amazing thing we can all accomplish to help each other…paying it forward to those most in need! All the gifts that come in from state and university employees and retirees truly add up to make a huge impact on society.”