Enrollment climbs at UIS to top 5,400

University aims to reach 7,000 students after enrollment spike of nearly 400 in 2014

Enrollment climbs at UIS to top 5,400

Tamarra Newbern, News Reporter

As of fall 2015, total UIS enrollment stands at 5,402 – the second highest in school history, trailing 2014 by only 29 students. Back in 2013, there were 5,048 students enrolled, meaning 2014’s nearly 400-student spike has continued into this year.

Admissions Counselor Kathryn Kleeman was impressed by the enrollment numbers, and said, “We hope to keep increasing enrollment. The goals that we have been given are to increase enrollment. Our Chancellor would like to see us grow our enrollment.”

UIS currently has 1,047 beds occupied out of 1,127, which means housing is approximately 93 percent filled.

This figure has raised concerns over future UIS growth. According John Ringle, Director of Residence Life, “UIS wants to grow to about 7,000. Two thousand of the students would live on campus and we would have the amount of free beds grow to about 900 beds. There are a couple of proposals about building more housing and partnering with 11th Street and even downtown for housing for upperclassmen.”

Though there are plans for the school’s enrollment to continue increasing, priority to undergraduates (freshmen and sophomores especially) is to be maintained since they are most in-need of on-campus housing.