Spirit Games champion takes first again

Third-year student Nathan Berillo achieves another Chancellor's Cup


Tamarra Newbern, News Reporter

During Homecoming Week (Oct. 12-17), students participated in various activities on campus called the Spirit Games.

Each activity was worth a certain number of points; every time a student participated, they received more points toward their overall score. There were six activities in total for three days straight, giving students many opportunities to earn points.

The student who has accumulated the most points at the end of day three is awarded the Chancellor’s Cup, a trophy presented at the end of Homecoming Week.

And, for the past three years running, one student has racked up the most points. Nathan Berillo, a junior business major, has been that undefeated winner.

Berillo claims he didn’t prep himself for any of the challenges. He said “just showing up, participating and having a good time; just getting in the homecoming spirit and getting people to join in” was enough.

As to how he managed to keep his first place title for three years, Berillo explained, “I am a really competitive person, and once I heard about [the Spirit Games] I wanted to participate.”

Berillo knew there were many other students participating in the games; however, he felt he only had one true opponent: David Sye.

Sye has participated in the games since his freshman year and was intent on defeating Berillo. Berillo was aware that there would be two available spots to place in, but he had his eye on first.

Berillo hopes to participate and win first place again next year.