Pre-Health Society: Back on campus

Tamarra Newbern, News Reporter

The Pre-Health Society, a student organization reestablished in the fall of 2015, is intended to not only be a place to associate with students planning on having a career in the medical field but also to be a support system and a place to build a competitive resume.

According to Isabel Lypayia, president of the Pre-Health Society, the organization had previously become inactive but has now resurfaced.

Lypayia stated that the society has six main goals. The first of these is to help students who are interested in attending health-affiliated graduate schools to better themselves and be more competitive when applying.

The organization also helps members volunteer as much as possible with health-related events and organizations such as the UIS Dance Marathon, the Ronald McDonald House, and the Memorial Medical Center in Springfield.

The Pre-Health Society also seeks to connect people who have the same future goals in the field. It is a society of opportunities for the students. Students can meet and connect to upperclassmen or people that could put in a good word to possibly land a job to get them going into their career.

The organization also looks to help members cope with stress. The Pre-Health Society co-hosted a Pumpkin Painting Contest with the American Red Cross at UIS, and the organization plans to host its own social event each semester. It would be a de-stressed social event to calm any nerves of a member or whoever attends.

The Pre-Health society makes an effort to bring members together to socialize, discuss, and spread knowledge pertaining to graduate school applications.

And finally, the organization aims to give insights into the health field to members. For instance, the society plans to tour hospitals, visit pre-health schools, invite pre-health speakers to visit UIS, and also let students know about internships that may arise.

Additionally, according to Lypayia, the society has one new goal in mind, which is to establish an MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) prep course for pre-med students in order to study as much as possible before taking the actual exam.

Lypayia, believes that joining the club would be worthwhile for pre-med students.

Lypayia stated, “It would be more beneficial to be in a club that is relevant to one’s career choice because it shows passion and seriousness. Thus, being a part of Pre-Health Society is helpful to put on a resume if one is interested in any health field including: pre-med, pre-vet, nursing, CLS, dentistry, etc.”

The society meets on a need-be basis due to various different schedules of members. For instance, if the executive board believes there is information that needs to be presented in person, a meeting will be held at a space provided by UIS.

All UIS students and faculty are eligible to join the Pre-Health Society.

If you are interested in joining the Pre- Health Society, you can email Lypayia at [email protected]