SGA meeting Recap

John Kurecki, Features Reporter

On Jan. 31, the Student Government Association (SGA) conducted their first meeting of the spring 2016 semester at 8 p.m. in the PAC TV Studio. Below is a list of items discussed.

-Acting Dean of Students and Director of Campus Recreation James Koeppe spoke about two new student-interaction initiatives. The first is an online Title IX education course which will be optional for students, but required for faculty and staff. As an incentive to students, the university will be giving out gift cards to participants, with the earliest takers having a higher chance of winning.

-The second initiative discussed by Koeppe was that the university will be giving a campus climate survey to full-time students who have at least one class on campus. UIS hopes to gain a better understanding of the campus’s strengths and weaknesses. To incentivize students, everyone who completes the survey will receive a $5 Capitol Perks coupon.

-SGA approved two money allocations. The first was $300 for a leadership dinner, which involves an expected 15 individuals from various campus organizations meeting and discussing ideas for improving the campus. The second was $250 for refreshments for the upcoming SGA town hall. Treasurer Austin Mehmet noted that the previous town hall’s $200 allocation did not provide enough refreshments for the guests.

-A new “green fee” was discussed. The fee would start at $5 per student, with the funds raised being allocated to environmental projects and organizations on campus. Students would be able to opt out of the fund. The fee would initially be set at $5, but it could be raised as high as $8 under the proposed rules. SGA will vote on giving the students the right to vote on whether or not the green fee should be imposed. If there is a majority, the matter will be passed on to the Board of Trustees.

The next SGA meeting will take place on Feb. 7 at 8 p.m. in the PAC TV Studio. All SGA meetings are open to the public.