UIS professor publishes new textbook

Textbook focuses on LGBT-related political issues for the college classroom

Tamarra Newbern, News Reporter

One of UIS’s very own professors, Dr. Jason Pierceson, has recently published a textbook aimed at giving readers an insight into the LGBT community and related contemporary political and legal issues.

Pierceson’s new book, “Sexual Minorites and Politics: An Introduction,” is mainly an overview of the LGBT community, a history of the LGBT rights movement, an overview of political candidates for election who are LGBT, and a discussion on expanding LGBT rights.

Pierceson, who serves as an associate professor of political science, has been with UIS since 2005 and has taught various courses since starting at the university, including: Introduction to the American Political System, Sexuality Law and Politics, and The American Constitution and Constitutional Law.

According to Pierceson, he has always had a passion for writing and always envisioned himself writing books. He has previously written and published many articles, but he prefers writing books because he enjoys the longer process.

Pierceson has written three books in the past (and edited three more), and his new textbook is being printed in conjunction with Rowman & Littlefield publishers, which is a Maryland-based publishing house.

The textbook will be most used in college classrooms, but it can be used by anyone who wishes to acquire a general insight into the LGBT community by using it as an introduction to LGBT politics.

Pierceson stated, “I hope this book explains a lot of these aspects of the LGBT community.”

Pierceson’s book is available for purchase through Amazon and Barnes and Noble at a range of different prices. More of his books, such as “Courts, Liberalism, and Rights: Gay Law and Politics in the U.S. and Canada” can also be found on Amazon.

For more information about Professor Pierceson and more of his work visit uis.edu/politicalscience/faculty/pierceson/