MIG wins awards

Tamarra Newbern, News Reporter

Students participating in Modern Illinois Government (MIG), held at the Illinois State Capitol, received awards after the Feb. 25-28 simulation, including the Outstanding Large Delegation Award.

Four students from the UIS MIG team were individually awarded.

MIG is an event that is held yearly where college students within the state of Illinois and parts of Indiana participate in different aspects of the state government.

For example, during the simulations students debate bills that have been or are being debated by General Assembly, and they even brainstorm ideas for a budget. There are committees within the legislature that debate bills and other topics as well.

Thomas Clatterbuck, a UIS senior and history major, said, “UIS delegates also took many leadership roles during this year’s simulation. This year we held the e-board positions of governor (Mark Reiter), speaker of the house (Garrie Allen), president of the senate (Nathan Piper), and treasurer (David Wilson).”

Clatterbuck indicated that much preparation goes into preparing for the MIG simulation.

“My preparation was primarily with the weekly practices led by Dr. [Kenneth] Owen. Watching the more experienced delegates gave me a good sense of what style to develop. MIG is very much a team event,” Clatterbuck said.

Practice paid off for Clatterbuck as he won Outstanding First Year Delegate in the Senate during the 2016 MIG simulation.

Owen, an assistant professor of history and one of the advisors of MIG, stated, “The commitment of the students to the organization is really impressive; they are a dedicated group of students who bring energy, enthusiasm and dedication to what they do, and a desire to learn and improve their political and public speaking skills.”

Although it might seem like hard work and nonstop practice, MIG participants have their fun as well.

Simon Andrews, a UIS accounting major, said, “It is a lot of fun. It makes me feel a part of a community. It’s a place where people can express themselves.”

Andrews was elected secretary of state for the simulation.

Additional awards issued to UIS students include: Marc Reiter, who won the Outstanding Contribution to MIG award; Cole Moriarty, who won Outstanding House Committee Member; and Austin Mehmet, who won Outstanding Moot Court Attorney.