Friday classes in the future for UIS?

Tamarra Newbern, News Reporter

Students attending UIS could possibly expect to have Friday classes starting in the fall of 2017.

Currently, class schedules for all on-campus students are Monday through Thursday unless they are registered for a lab science course.

According to UIS Director of Public Relations Derek Schnapp, Provost Lynn Pardie convened a task force last year to consider options to revise course scheduling due to a belief that the current scheduling guidelines are not serving the campus well.

According to Schnapp, “The task force was charged with developing recommendations that would, at a minimum, help us make better use of existing classroom space on campus and help to reduce scheduling challenges for students.”

Some students on campus do not favor such a change in scheduling.

Sylvia Klumpp stated, “Personally, I hate this idea, and I do know of a few students that were in this class that have an issue with it as well. Not just that we weren’t told about it, but some of us students have jobs or commute, and having a Friday class would be very disruptive of our already busy schedules.”

Although a proposal and some alternative guidelines have arisen, they are only considered drafts at this time.

“The provost has recently distributed one of those options and is seeking feedback from all academic departments before deciding on next steps, so no final decisions have been made regarding changes,” said Schnapp.

Ciera Dantzler, a social work major and sophomore, does not like the idea of Friday classes.

Dantzler said, “Personally I would not like classes on Fridays, because a day like that, those are the days I do most of my homework and go home to visit my family. I feel that a lot of students will maybe not even show up to class because they are not use to it. I do not support this decision if this actually happens.”

Although this matter could be seen as an issue for some, other students don’t think it would be a dramatic change.

UIS sophomore Mike Powell said, “As a former high school student I had many Friday classes. So I think I could handle it. I’ll probably complain but I’ll get over it.”

Currently there are already finalized course schedules for the next academic year and the schedule for the next year doesn’t end until about the summer of 2017. Therefore the proposed guidelines would not go into effect until the fall of 2017.

According to Schnapp, Pardie understands that UIS students have busy schedules.

Schnapp said that it is important to note that “the final scheduling guidelines will be flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety of course formats.”

While no final decision has been made about students having classes on Friday, the change is being considered.