UIS Springfest team ‘Sith Happens’ wins Springfest

Tamarra Newbern, News Reporter

This years 24th annual Springfest event was won by a team entitled Sith Happens, as they accumulated 531.5 points, earning them first place honors.

Approximately 50 teams of up to 15 students, staff, and faculty members on each team participated in this year’s Springfest.

Springfest is a weeklong event in which participants compete against one another to accumulate points. During the week long event, the participants attended major activities each night such as a scavenger hunt, trivia night, Jedi academy, flag and chant, a spaghetti dinner, and finally a sports competition day.

David Sye, a senior majoring in history and a member of Sith Happens expressed how happy he was to win Springfest before graduating in May. Sye also expressed gratitude for being able to participate in such a memorable event in general.

“It feels really great to win Springfest this year. I had been on a Top 3 team the past two years but I really wanted to win before I graduated. My team and I worked really hard this week to secure that the top spot. It is awesome to end my senior year with winning Springfest,” Sye said.

According to Sye, Springfest will be one of the things he will miss about attending the university.

“I want to thank the Springfest committee and all those were a part of it the past four years for a great event, as Springfest will be one of the biggest things I will miss about UIS,” Sye said.

Andrea Renee Duvendack, the team captain of Sith Happens and a junior majoring in communication, expressed how proud she was of her team

“I am proud of my team for winning Springfest. Everyone was working hard and having fun at the same time and that is all that matters. Winning is just a bonus,” Duvendack said.

Duvendack indicated the importance of working together.

“I know I gave it my all so I am happy. We were all on different teams last year so we were all used to different styles of leadership. I tried to adjust my style based on the needs of my team so that we all could work together and have a good experience,” Duvendack said.

Over the years there has been many different themes such as a Disney theme entitled “Where Dreams Come True” and a Comic theme entitled “Clash of the Comics.”

This year’s theme that won popular vote by the committee of Springfest was “The Stars Awaken” due to the previous release of the Star Wars move “The Force Awakens.”

If you did not participate in this year’s Springfest you can participate next year, as Springfest is an annual event on the UIS campus.