New young Lincoln statue: A unique addition to UIS

Tamarra Newbern, News Reporter

Next week, a Lincoln statue will be unveiled on the University of Illinois Springfield campus. The statue will be a sculpted version of young Abraham Lincoln.

According to UIS Director of Public Relations Derek Schnapp, the university was able to receive the statue due to the John N. Chester Estate Fund. The fund was a gift to all University of Illinois campuses with the full intent of adding attractiveness.

The sculptor of the 6’4” “The Young Lawyer” statue is George Lundeen. Lundeen is a renowned artist that has done many other sculptures such as one of Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson.

Lundeen also created a sculpture of Red Grange that resides outside of Memorial Stadium on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus.

His work can be found across the country in public and private settings.

The statue as well as the unveiling event, set for May 10 at 11 a.m., will be located west of the colonnade in the area in between the Public Affairs Building and the University Hall Building.

Chancellor Susan J. Koch along with George Lundeen, Michael Burlingame, former Chancellor Naomi B. Lynn, and UIS student Faith Hook will share the stage as well as a few words before the unveiling occurs.

Some students are more excited than the others about the arrival of the new addition to the campus.

Ryan Rizner, sophomore and computer science major, feels that it is a great addition to campus. Rizner stated, “It’s nice that it’s coming to campus. It seems like something was missing in that area. The person who chose it made the perfect choice.”

However, UIS sophomore Mike Powell expressed his views on the statue. Powell said, “When I found out it was privately funded and not taken out of my tuition I didn’t really care about it anymore. It’s another statue.”

Diamond Dixon, psychology major and sophomore, believes that the statue will be “a nice addition to the campus.”

Edwin Robles, sophomore and political science major, thinks that the Lincoln statue will be a unique addition to the UIS campus.

Robles said, “I think it’s pretty cool. U of I in Urbana has their own statues, which makes them unique. So by us having a Lincoln statue that people can come and take pictures with makes this campus a bit more unique.”

The UIS Office of Advancement is hosting the event. All students, staff, faculty and community members are welcome to join in for the unveiling of the statue. There will be refreshments at the event for all to enjoy.

The dress attire for the event is casual/business casual and free for all to attend.

For any information regarding the unveiling or the statue contact UIS Vice Chancellor for Advancement Jeff Lorber at [email protected]