Redistricting amendment rehearing denied

Jeff Burnett, Staff Writer

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The Illinois Supreme Court denied a rehearing on the redistricting amendment on Sept. 13, which it ruled unconstitutional earlier this month, meaning that the amendment would not appear on the Nov. 8 ballot.

“We cannot afford to assist political corruption from the State Judiciary anymore,” said Dom Chiappano, president of College Republicans at UIS.

Chiappano said he is “hopeful” about redistricting in the future, with the Chief Justice selection of Justice Lloyd Karmeier effective Oct. 26. “Justice Lloyd Karmeier gives optimism for a new, more reformist court approach to tackle the state’s toughest issues including Independent Maps.”

Independent Maps requested a rehearing after the Illinois Supreme Court ruled in a 4-3 vote that the redistricting amendment was not “structural and procedural” stated in the Illinois constitution.

“Today’s court decision is very disappointing, but not unexpected. Now that the courts have denied Illinoisans the right to vote on a redistricting referendum in November for the last time,” Gov. Bruce Rauner said in a statement.

Rauner has called for the General Assembly to reform redistricting and term limits this coming fall.

The amendment would have created an 11 person citizen committee to independently redraw state and congressional district lines.

“Illinois voters have been denied their right to vote on a constitutional amendment to remove politics from the way state legislative maps are drawn,” Independent Maps Chairman Dennis FitzSimons said in a statement.

The Independent Maps group collected 563,000 signatures from Illinois voters to amend the constitution.


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