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The importance of moderation

The damage extremism can do

Jaclyn Fabing

Jaclyn Fabing

Jaclyn Fabing


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The world is becoming increasingly divisive. While people may look at Charlottesville and think that America has a serious problem, they neglect to realize how worldwide this problem of extremism has become. It seems a lot of the world has forgotten the term ‘moderate,’ or worse –they’ve demonized it.

Any attempt at a middle ground between two violent extremes often leads to you being lumped in with either of these extremes.

Let’s be clear here: White supremacy is a horrible thing and needs to be pushed back against. But when there are videos of people in Milwaukee last year pointing out and chasing down white people to violently attack, perhaps we shouldn’t hate the idea of calling out ‘both sides’ so much.

It is important that we make sure to put down extremism wherever we may see it, because it only breeds more extremism.

In Europe, the mass migration of individuals led to a surge in sexual assault, murder, and manslaughter; figures show that migrant crime in Germany has increased 50 percent in a single year, according to a report from Germany’s Interior Ministry published back in April.

Terror attacks in European countries have now become commonplace.

The response by many Europeans to these kind of problems is a surge in white nationalism, proclaiming that Islam is not compatible with the West, despite Muslims having always been in these countries, and despite the same figures also showing that one percent of all migrants commit 40 percent of the crimes, and that Syrians, some of the most hotly contested migrants, are less likely to commit crimes than other migrants.

Yet, in Britain, acid attacks have become an epidemic. Stereotypes may lead one to think these attacks are by Muslim extremists toward meek wives. However, the statistics show that it’s done by Islamophobic British men, targeting Muslim men.

According to NPR, there were 450 acid attacks in Britain last year, and two-thirds of the victims were men. Extremism is not limited to Europe and America, however. ISIS continues to slaughter Kurdish people of every religion, as well as Christians and Yazid is in a silent genocide, with dozens of mass graves being uncovered.

As North Korea’s threat begins to grow, military extremism is on the rise in Japan, where nationalists, like Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, declare that they must make Japan a military power again.

The Philippines’ president, Rodrigo Duterte, started a war on drugs: by murdering drug users as well as the journalists reporting on the violence. News week reported the death toll is “at least 7,000” after just one year.

The world is becoming a scarier place by the second, and perhaps it’s time to remember that old saying, reminding us of the dangers of extremism: everything in moderation.

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The importance of moderation