Library group Norris Nation relaunches with new goals


Brookens Library’ newest club, Norris Nation, is looking to bring UIS students together, and create a sense of community around the library. 

Originally established in 2013, the club has been revamped this year with new events, turning the group into a standing student organization.

In addition to participating in the organization’s many recreational events, members will also provide feedback on library services and resources.

“It will be an opportunity for students to come, have some fun in the library, take part in events,” said Sarah Sagmoen, director of learning commons and user services at Brookens, “but at the same time, we’re hoping it will give us a good group of students that we can turn to if we want to elicit feedback on any changes, anything regarding services.”

Past events have included a Nacho Bar and the Haunted Library, where Norris Nation members received an extra goodie bag.

In November, Norris Nation will launch also launch its Library of Things, allowing students to check out more than just books or movies. The initiative lets students borrow things like cooking sets, decorations, or sewing kits.

“We are trying to show different sides of what we offer,” said Janelle Gurnsey, Brookens’ Outreach and Communications Coordinator.

The more Norris Nation members participate in events, the more points they accrue, which can eventually be traded in for prizes, including buttons, coffee mugs, or T-shirts.

Overall, the club is meant to cultivate a relationship between students and library staff. As students continue to interact with their librarians, Sagmoen contends, they will be more likely to ask for help in the future.

“It is a chance for a student to engage with a librarian in a more casual setting,” Sagmoen said, “so they can come back and think, ‘Oh there was that really nice librarian. Maybe I can go ask them for help.’”

To learn more about or even join Norris Nation, visit their UIS Connection page at: