UIS professor receives 2017 University Scholar Award


Photographs courtesy of Photo provided by UIS Newsroom ,Clayton Stalter

2017 University Scholar Dr. Benjamin “Ben” Walsh from the Management Department. Photographed Monday, October 2, 2017 at Horace Mann Insurance offices.

Benjamin Walsh, an assistant professor of UIS’s management program, has received the University Scholar Award for 2017, an honor presented by University of Illinois System each year to recognize prominent faculty members.

The award has been considered the highest faculty honor of the University of Illinois system. Along with the recognition itself, the winner receives a $15,000 stipend for three years to enhance their research, covering the cost of equipment, travel, scholarly materials, research assistants, among other things.

Walsh’s research mainly focuses on the driving force behind disrespectful behavior in the workplace. He plans to use the award money to fund a project dealing with the effectiveness of managerial coaching, which he believes to be an important tool to combat toxic work environments.

“It is an unexpected, great award,” said Walsh. “Since my research mainly relies on the result of surveys done by hundreds or even thousands of participants, the funding will continue to be used for encouraging people to participate in data collection.”

Karri Ranjan, the chair of management program, said that he is very proud and inspired by Walsh’s achievement and believes the award will enhance UIS’s reputation.

“It is a pride elevates the profile of the department, not only at UIS, but also in the general academy, in the country and worldwide,” said Ranjan.“Walsh’s contribution increases the visibility of department and inspires all faculties of the department to work in the impactful research.”

Walsh’s former student Jacob Eikenberry had nothing but praise, calling him “an approachable instructor with an incredible appetite for research and learning”

“Dr. Walsh takes a genuine interest in students and their development,” he said, adding that Walsh “went above and beyond to establish a project that captured [my] interests.”