UIS Model Illinois Government Delegation


 Are you interested in politics? In discussions and debates on serious issues? Do you want to become better at public speaking? Then perhaps you might be interested in Model Illinois Government, or MIG as it’s known to all its members.
Every Wednesday night at 9:45, the UIS MIG convenes in Room 3F of the Public Affairs Center to hone their public speaking skills and debate bills on any number of issues pertaining to the state of Illinois. All this practice is in preparation for the annual simulation, when every MIG delegation from all over the state gathers at the state capitol to debate on the floor of the General Assembly and State Senate. This year, the annual simulation will take place on the first weekend of March.
It is a very informal setting with an open-door policy. The only requirement to join is to attend the meetings. While the current crop of members is smaller than normal, they are always open to new members. Other than debates, the MIG delegation engages in games meant to improve public speaking ability, and they have been known to throw the occasional party.
The co-head delegates are Payton Raso, Senator for Liberal Arts & Sciences for the Student Government Association, and Chloe Compton, Officer of the Gamma Phi Omega Sorority’s UIS chapter. The advisor for the UIS delegation is Dr. Kenneth Owen, Assistant Professor of the History. Another member of the delegation is Caitlin Osborn, Treasurer of the Model Illinois Government Executive Board.
Why should you join Model Illinois Government? Long-time MIG veteran, Cale Bergschneider, offers an answer. “I have been in MIG for three years. In the beginning, it was an avenue to meet new people and get out of the shell many first-year college students find themselves in. However, MIG soon became much more. I have met many of my friends through MIG, and my public speaking skills and confidence have grown exponentially. I encourage anyone interested to join.”