Photographs courtesy of Clayton Stalter

Diversitea gathering in the Diversity Center Friday, February 9, 2018.

The UIS Diversity Center held an event on Friday, February 9 called Diversitea, with representatives from various student cultural organizations.
Diversitea is an event similar to the Soup and Conversation events also held by the Diversity Center. The goal of this event is to gather members of the student cultural organizations on campus to give them the opportunity to network and to promote the Diversity Center facility as a potential location to host events for their own organizations.
The Diversity Center intends to hold a Diversitea event each month, with at least two more before the semester ends, each with a different focus. The focus of this month’s Diversitea event was, fittingly, diversity. However, each of these events will have overall focuses on the promotion of leadership, inclusion, diversity, and creating change.
The campus organizations represented, included the Black Student Union, Legion of Ladies, the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, the Gamma Phi Omega Sorority, the Afrobeat Dance Crew, the Royal Starrettes, and Gender and Sexuality Student Services, among others.
The attendants played “What Stands Between Us” as well as other games promoting discussion and critical thought on the nature of diversity in the modern world.
When asked why events like this are important, Samaryia Magee, one of the Graduate Assistants directing the program, responded, “This is important because our differences make us unique and when we bring them together, we can see different points of view.”
When asked what he was taking away from the Diversitea event, one student, Vanessa Salinas-Perea, vice-president of the Organisation for Latin American Students, “I think it was a really good opportunity to meet other people, representatives of other organizations, that we can all work together in future events, especially as lot of organizations have overlapping values, and I think that’s great as we all have an end goal of helping the students we represent.”