UIS Branch of SHRM Presents a Guest Speaker


“You have to view everything you’re doing as an experience that is going to move you one step forward in life and your career,” said Nicole Ralph, the Director of Employment and Benefits at Lincoln Land Community College.
Ralph was the guest speaker brought to UIS by the UIS branch of SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management). She came to discuss the hiring process and her personal experiences with getting hired (and, in some instances, getting rejected), specifically in the human resources field.
Her talk focused on the transition between college and careers, which for many, is a difficult one. She told stories of her job search, and how her initial failures lead to her eventual successes. “Sometimes, you get feedback, and you focus too much on the delivery of the message and not the content of the message,” she explained to attendees. “Even if it’s poorly communicated to you, there is probably a lesson in there for you to learn.”
She told attendees to look at rejection in their searches for jobs as an opportunity to learn and grow rather than something inherently negative – even if that rejection seemed harsh or dismissive.
She then explained how she was able to move up in her position at Lincoln Land. Her talk prepared attendees for potential rejection as they searched for jobs, but also provided them with useful advice for getting employed after leaving college and how to move up within companies or organizations to which they are hired.
As a whole, Nicole Ralph’s presentation was helpful and insightful, providing many useful tips to attendees about entering the workforce once leaving school. The talk, while directed towards individuals interested in going into human resources, can be applied to people looking into working in any job field. Attendees will be able to benefit from the advices provided during the hour-long presentation.
The UIS branch of SHRM hosted this event and will be hosting more throughout this month and next month. Flyers posted around the school show dates, times, and locations of other events. SHRM is looking for new members, and it is a good organization to join for those interested in working in the human resources field. There are meetings and events, including competitions, that are also hosted by SHRM chapters across Central Illinois
If students are interested in learning more about or joining UIS’s branch of SHRM, they can email [email protected]